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Philip Gowdy


Photographer for my wedding


Question: How much do you charge...We know longer show our prices over the web.            

All our prices are bespoke to the personal requirements of our wedding clients.

And can be confirmed by email after your visit.


All our Albums are bespoke to the personal choice of the wedding couple.

Will we shoot Gay weddings?    ...simple answer to that one.....YES.


Question: How many photos do we take at an average wedding?

Answer  :Most weddings these days demand an average of 350-500 photos.

                 however at some of our most recent ones where there are many

                 locations we have shot more than 1000.

Question :How many photos do the wedding couple get?

Answer   :Usually we take out all the ones where people are looking the wrong

                 way and have eyes closed etc.

                 You then end up with anything from 300 to 500 shots

Question :Will care be taken to arrange my wedding dress?

Answer   :Philip is has much experience in arranging wedding dresses from his fashion

                 based advertising background and knows how dresses look their best.

Question :Will I end up with a photographer I dont know?

Answer   :NO

Question : Who will photograph my wedding.

Answer   :Philip

Question :How do I pay?

Answer   :Deposit to confirm date of £200.00  (non refundable if cancelled)

                  then total final payment just before the wedding day.


Question :Is Philip available for consultation to see actual wedding albums?

Answer   :Absolutly Yes.

Question :Does this cost anything.

Answer   :No, unless travelling long distances to couples house,most people come to me.


Question :How long will it take me to get my photos?

Answer   :We get most of our work through recommendations,we therefore like to get the ordered finished item to our clients asap.

 Questions and Answers.