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Wedding Photos in Worcestershire


Question: Do you do overseas weddings?

Answer  :Yes, however we will NOT proceed with this kind of special arrangement by email.

All fees will be in paid in advance including travel,accomodation and location fee (too many scams about).

Bride and Groom will be required as usual to visit me and discuss all arrangements.

Question: I am getting married abroad as part of a holiday package.

The overseas company will give me a copy of the photos on CD.

When I return I would like my after party for relatives or second wedding service photographed by you and then an album making up of all the combined relavent photos,will you do this for us?

Answer  :Yes

Question:Will you put me at ease on the day?

Answer  :My brides and I usually know each other and what is expected by the time the day comes around.I like my brides to enjoy this special day to the fullest so we do our upmost to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Question:What if it rains?

Answer:Shaun and myself always visit locations before or early on the day to make sure we know all the best places to get the upmost from our photographs for our clients in all conditions.

Question:I would like my local paper to have a photo of us in it,can I do that with the photos.

Answer  :Yes,the CD we provide you with can be used for this purpose,you can even print of a picture on your home computer and send that in.

Question:I want to know my photographer before the wedding day,besides our general meeting is there a way I can be photographed so I will feel less self concious on the day?

We can offer our brides a small portfolio shoot in the studio to help them feel more relaxed. prices from only £75.00.

Engagement session for my couples that have booked 75.00

I would like to give my future husband on our wedding night a small portfolio "boudoir style" wedding lingerie etc as a wedding gift, is this possible.

Answer:Yes,we shoot this regulary,prices from £75.00.

Images will be supplied on disk,or emailed direct to your home computer or placed online with our lab so you can order prints direct.

Question: Do I have a professional makeup artist..hairdressers..

YES, I have one or two I can recommend,and who you could use for your weddingday..........

Our Brides and Grooms comments are our Inspiration to produce the finest work possible...